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Alt life in San Antonio? [Jul. 28th, 2006|08:17 pm]

Hello. I live in Seattle and need to relocate someplace warm. We thought about SoCal but the cost of living is scaring us, and we noticed that many California escapees are moving to Texas. (Sorry.) We're thinking about San Antonio.

We're liberal hippy types who are interested in intentional community, and we're also poly, at least in principle. We're also low-key pagan; in fact, we're more obvious in our geekiness than we are obvious in our sexuality or religion. Would we be able to make friends in San Antonio, or would people wave crosses at us and yell, "Back to Hell, Beasts!"?

Thanks for any input.
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Looking to buy Gargoyles, any ideas? [Dec. 22nd, 2005|04:29 pm]

Hi everyone:

I am new to the community, and I really need some help finding gargoyles to buy for Christmas, I know down to the wire. Any ideas? Thanks!
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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2005|02:20 pm]

For Sale

A brand new 3/4 cello, complete with bow, stand and soft case. I'm asking $500, however that price is negotiable. It is brand new and it is in perfect condition.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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To all of the Livejournal moms out there: [May. 8th, 2005|08:34 am]


I am new to this world and I see you: my mother, my protector, my teacher. I feel this very first feeling, this emotion, this tingling sensation deep inside. I felt it from that first moment, when you looked down into my new eyes. I will never forget this feeling, and I will hand it down to my own children.
Thank you for sharing your love.

Happy Mothers' Day

2005, PJ Smith
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NEED HELP PLEASE! [Mar. 31st, 2005|06:49 pm]


Can someone help please?  I need to find a daycare within I-10 & 410 on the NW side of town.  I live off of Bandera and Grissom and I work in the Medical Center area and I work evening shifts.  Therefore, I need to find a daycare that is open late hours (11 pm) for my 14 month old, that won't charge me an arm, a leg and both my kidneys!
If anyone knows of any good quality, sensible priced daycares then PLEASE let me know!

I am desperate! :-(

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My kids :-) [Mar. 31st, 2005|09:50 am]

[music |Switchblade Symphony - Bad Trash (The Putre Factor: HotGoth.]

Say hi to my kids :-)

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Follow-up [Mar. 23rd, 2005|07:41 am]

[mood |accomplished]
[music |Orbital - Halcyon & On & On]

As lucyloveslave suggested I picked up one of those alarms...a motion-sensor type ones to keep my daughter from wandering through the house at night.

IT WORKED! I set it up in the hallway and she tripped it twice. She ran back to her room both times. The second time she went back to sleep. I am one happy, rested daddy right now!

I did have a false alarm when Nitro, our cat, tripped it once...but that's ok. I am so happy to wake up to a clean kitchen!
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Anyone else have this problem? [Mar. 22nd, 2005|07:55 am]

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Dj Tiesto - Forbidden Paradise (Deep Trance Mix)]

Our 3-year-old gets up at night and gets into everything she can find. I thought maybe she was hungry so I started giving her a bed time snack. She is still doing it. We tried extra babyproofing. That wasn't good enough. Last night before last she got a chair, pulled it over to the counter, climbed up onto the counter, and found the well-hidden gecko food, which was opened and poured into the sink. She helped herself to a nice tall glass of milk, which was soaked into the couch cushion. I can imagine how THAT will smell in a few days.

I don't know what to do. I thought about putting a sliding lock on the outside of her door, but I think that would be a fire safety hazard. I would try a gate, but I already know she can scale them effortlessly.

I thought that if I play with her all day and get her all worn out before bedtime, she would sleep at night.


My eyes are so red. I feel like the walking dead because last night I sat in the dark in the living room...watching...waiting. I saw her poke her head around the corner at least 5 times...followed by footsteps running back to her room.

This is a desperate cry for help. Oh, and I can not afford a 'child therapist' so that isn't an option for us.

Any ideas?

I crossposted this, hope that's ok.
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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2005|08:19 am]

I have been looking into  sending my daughter to the School of Excellence next year. Anyone have any input? Are they as good as they advertise? Are your kids happy there? Was it hard to get your child(ren) in?

My kiddo will be a fifth grader next year.

Any info is much appreciated.
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Might anyone.... [Jan. 6th, 2005|05:19 pm]

...be interested in adopting a kitten. They are super cute and ready to find homes.

Here's a peek...

drop me a line at jteige at satx.rr.com for more info!!
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